Used Furnitures

Asian Office Makers is one of the pioneers in office furniture recycling and reconditioning. Over years, we started off as an office furnitures supply company and we've made it our mission to offer facility managers and business owners a way to upsize, downsize, off-load or load-up when it comes to contract furniture.

The art of reusing existing contract furniture to provide solutions for new users is complex. The concept was built on the premise of reusing strong, high-end products that were designed with durability and years of reconfiguration in mind. While the need for durable products remains strong, economic shifts have driven manufacturers of new furniture to value-engineer existing products and create new designs that are more cost effective - In many cases limiting the owner's ability to reconfigure and reuse.

Over time, products that were built for reconfiguration and reuse often "ugly out" before they wear out. Asian Office Makers Office Furniture began to find ways to clean up, repaint and refinish these inventories. The base materials and structure often have additional decades of use when given the time, energy and know-how that our team has accumulated since we began our commitment.

Pre-Owned and Refurbished Office Furniture
Asian Office Makers believes that businesses of all sizes should be able to create a great looking and efficient office environment at an affordable price. This belief has shaped us into one of the nation's premier providers of quality, pre-owned, refurbished and new office furniture as well as other furniture related services.

Office Furniture Liquidation
Asian Office Makers is a nationally recognized leader in the field of pre-owned office furniture liquidation. We provide turnkey solutions for companies that are relocating, downsizing or simply upgrading their office furniture. With quick appraisals, easy-to-understand bids, and nationwide coverage, we seek to maximize the value of each client's office furniture needs.

Asian Office Makers furnitures
Asian Office Makers offers a wide array of used office furniture with a specialization in one of the industry's most functional and high performing cubicle systems, Our pre-owned and refurbished cubicles look great, are customized to your specifications, and represent a significant cost savings compared to buying new.

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